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Mr. Steve Williams , High School Principal

  Mrs. Kim Summers, Secretary 


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 Aaron Alford   Band/Choir/Music aalford@leadhillschools.net
 Kristin Alford Business Education kalford@leadhillschools.net
 Doyle DeWoody Science ddewoody@leadhillschools.net
 B. David Duncan Art bdduncan@leadhillschools.net 
 Colene Eli Distance Learning celi@leadhillschools.net
 Kristine Hawkins Language Arts khawkins@leadhillschools.net
 Stephanie Huddleston Math shuddleston@leadhillschools.net
 Shay Hudson Math shudson@leadhillschools.net  
 Bill Markle History  bmarkle@leadhillschools.net
 Debbie Ply Counselor dply@leadhillschools.net
 Cindy Perrin Special Education cperrin@leadhillschools.net
 Barry Reese Physical Education breese@leadhillschools.net
 Linette Ribando Language Arts lribando@leadhillschools.net
 Sandy Rice Media Specialist srice@leadhillschools.net
 Walter Severs   History / Career Orientation wsevers@leadhillschools.net
 Dan Simon Agriculture dsimon@leadhillschools.net
 Donnie Smith Health / Boys Basketball - Baseball Coach   dsmith@leadhillschools.net
 Pat Summers Health / PE / Girls Basketball - Track - Softball Coach   psummers@leadhillschools.net
S. CenterScience scenter@leadhillschools.net


Health and Wellness Policy
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School Improvement and School Choice Information


1. beginning with date from the 2007-2008 school year, and for each subsequent school year, the number of students eligible for and participated in the public school choice option; and,

2. for the current school year, a list of available schools to which students eligible to participate in public school choice may transfer. [34 C.F.R. § § 200.39(c)(1)(iv); 200.42(b)(5); 200.43(b)(5); 200.43(c)(1)(iii)]

Another educational option exists for parents when the child attends a school that has been identified as persistently dangerous, or when a student has been the victim of a violent crime on school property [§ 9532]. Such students have the option of transferring to a different, safer public school. State educational agencies (SEAs) must identify schools that are persistently dangerous in time for LEAs to notify parents and students at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the school year that the school has been so identified [68 Fed. Reg. 35671 (June 16, 2003)]. For more information on the unsafe school choice option in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, go to:

Attached is a one-page guide that further outlines public school choice requirements. Other helpful resources on public school choice include the United States Department of Education (USDOE) Public School Choice Non-Regulatory Guidance found at:
http://www.ed.gov/policy/elsec/guid/schoolchoiceguid.doc and Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner's Memo: Parent Notification of School Improvement Status and Transfer Options (LS-10-012).

For more information visit
http://arkansased.org/acsip/index.html or contact Deborah Bland or Bernice Martin-Russell at 501-682-4372.

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